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YouTube’s Priorities for 2023: What You Need to Know

March 2, 2023

As we enter the new year, YouTube’s new lead, Neal Mohan, has announced the company’s priorities for 2023, highlighting the company’s commitment to supporting creators and artists on its platform. The video-sharing platform has always been a go-to destination for creators and artists to showcase their content and grow their businesses. In 2023, YouTube plans to double down on this commitment and provide creators with more tools to make a living on the platform, while also investing in features and experiences that will make it a home for viewers and creators now and in the future.


More Ways for Creators to Make Money

YouTube has always been a platform that supports creators and artists in their passion and vision. This year, the company plans to give creators more tools to make a living on the platform. It is expanding its subscription business, investing in shopping, and improving its paid digital goods offerings. These options for creators are making an impact, with more than six million viewers paying for channel memberships on YouTube in December 2022, representing a 20% increase from the prior year. This increase in paid memberships not only supports creators financially but also helps them grow their businesses.


Listening to Creators

At the heart of YouTube’s priorities for 2023 is the creator community. Creator feedback is a crucial part of how YouTube develops products, and Mohan plans to meet with more creators in person to hear how he can support them. Recently, YouTube heard from creators about the importance of broadening accessibility for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. It now provides automatic captions in more languages thanks to long-term investments in machine learning. This is a great example of how YouTube is listening to creators and making changes to improve their experience on the platform.


Building for the Future

YouTube is investing in features and experiences that will make it a home for viewers and creators now and in the future. The company is doubling down on streaming and connected TV, unlocking new creative potential, and expanding the canvas for creators across formats. YouTube recently adapted the mobile experience of Shorts to a TV-friendly format, and Mohan notes that TV was the fastest-growing screen last year. This shows that YouTube is committed to providing creators with the best tools and features to showcase their content across all screens and devices.


Creators: Unlocking Creativity Across Formats

YouTube Shorts has been a game-changer for creators, giving them the ability to reach a wider audience and showcase their creativity in new ways. With over 50 billion daily views, Shorts has quickly become a popular format for creators, and the number of channels that upload to Shorts daily grew around 80% last year. Moreover, YouTube is making it easier for creators to showcase their podcasts on the platform with new features in YouTube Studio. Later this year, RSS integration will offer podcasters another way to upload their shows to YouTube, providing users with more listening options. Additionally, YouTube will roll out a new tool that lets creators record a Short in a side-by-side layout with both Shorts and YouTube videos to easily add their take on a trend or join in with reactions. This tool will further enhance creators' ability to showcase their content and unlock their creative potential.

The Future

The Future of AI in Digital Video

YouTube is always at the forefront of innovation, and it is no surprise that the company is imagining the future of creation and developing sophisticated tools for creators to grow their ambitions across Shorts, live, podcasts, and more. With AI’s generative capabilities, creators can expand their storytelling and raise production value. YouTube is taking the time to develop these features with thoughtful guardrails and plans to roll out tools for creators and the protections to embrace this technology responsibly. This focus on AI shows that YouTube is committed to keeping its platform at the forefront of technology and providing creators with the best tools to showcase their content.

In Summary

YouTube’s priorities for 2023 focus on supporting creators and artists on its platform by providing them with more opportunities to make money and improving accessibility and features based on their feedback. The company is investing in the future of streaming and connected TV and unlocking the new creative potential for channels across different formats. Additionally, the company is envisioning the future of creation by exploring AI’s generative capabilities, which can enhance storytelling and production value. YouTube aims to remain a leader in the digital video industry and continue providing a home for creators and viewers alike. If you are a creator, you can look forward to more tools and features that will help you grow your business and showcase your content to a wider audience.