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How to sell YouTube advertising

December 15, 2022

To sell advertising on YouTube, you can start by creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos that are interesting and engaging to your target audience. Once you have a decent following on your channel, you can then reach out to companies and businesses that are interested in advertising their products or services on your channel. You can also join a YouTube network, which can help you connect with advertisers and make money from your videos through advertising.

Here are some steps you can follow to sell advertising on your YouTube channel:

Step 1.

Create a YouTube channel and upload videos regularly to build a following.

Step 2.

Research companies and businesses that are relevant to your audience and that might be interested in advertising on your channel.

Step 3.

Reach out to these companies and businesses and offer to advertise their products or services on your channel.

Step 4.

Negotiate a rate for the advertising, either on a per-view or per-click basis, or through a sponsorship arrangement.

Step 5.

Include the advertising in your videos in a way that is natural and unobtrusive to your viewers.

Step 6.

Monitor the performance of the advertising and adjust your strategy as needed to maximise revenue.